Bumpy Ceo/Promotional Manager Bumpy was born in 1980 Louisville Ky ,growing up he lived constantly between Kentucky,New Jersey,and Virginia were he was taught how to work hard legitimately and how to hustle.With morals & respect planted deep in bumpy it made him a hard working God fearing man. Not only a Ceo of Grits Ent but Bumpy has been and still is a business owner in the Louisville area. "Hip hop influenced me at a early age, seeing my cousins break dancing for LL Cool J was my first dose of inspiration."Bumpy stated in an interview . Since then he strives to be an inspiration to others himself! The sky is not a limit when you fly with the stars, therfore truth is not an option and Bumpy along with the rest of Grits Ent is definitely flying high but grounded in something real. It's clear to see it's only the beginning for Bumpy, utilizing his potential to its fullest capacity will surely bring success and. ... Well as Bumpy would say "just watch what I do"